Contact Information
tel: (+44) 77 69 79 4521

Rosie Jones is a story-teller. She creates theatre and video and is inspired by history and folklore.

She creates interactive and site-specific theatre. She has experience writing, producing, directing, designing and performing theatre shows.

She produces, directs and edits music videos, promotional videos and short films. She has created work for Battersea Arts, RichMix, Shunt, the Tate and The Roundhouse.

Rosie is passionate about the power of art for personal and social change. She has worked on forum theatre projects, outreach theatre projects, with arts based community groups targeting children and adults with disabilities and learnt about rainbow of desire and other techniques for using theatre to unlock the psyche.

Her passion is for musicals - which she believes the greatest of all art forms. Her ambition is to create experimental, immersive musicals that push the boundaries of sound and performance.