Does this mean I'm getting old?

I just wrote my first complaint email!

Dear Robert,

As an artist with particular interest in folklore and currently working on a project surrounding the witch-trials I was very excited when hearing about the upcoming release of The Witch. However, after recently watching your film I felt compelled to write to you of my horror and disgust at your portrayal of a time which condemned women and out-casts of society to horrific torture and death. It deeply disturbs me your portrayal of female sexuality as dangerous and immoral which echoes the hideous attitudes which I wish had been left to the sadistic rapists and murderers of medieval times. It unfortunately is still an attitude that women across the world face and your film appears only to perpetuate this barbaric and damaging archetype. I take particular offence to your ending statement that this film is based on “accounts of historical witchcraft, including journals, diaries and court records” without mention that many of these accounts where given under unimaginable torture. This in my eyes is the same as creating a film about Jews based on Nazi propaganda.

Perhaps there is a message in your film I am missing. I agree that often the accusations of witch-craft could come from women as much as men, but your portrayal of dangerous women and blameless men truly disturbs me. As artists and storytellers we are responsible for the symbology and messages we give to the world and I find yours at best ignorant at worst truly evil and sadistic.

I hope you find this message in good faith, I do not deny your talent as a film-maker, only your motivations for being so

In truth,
Rosie Jones

Listening Eye

Back in the Cotswolds starting Listening Eye training with Tonalis Music. Feeling blessed to be on this voyage of discovery with such wonderful people in such a beautiful place. And I'm staying in a house with a massive Tipi in the garden.

BodyVoice continues

More BodyVoice experiments with performer Flavia Betram. Thank you for another wonderful session! BodyVoice choir coming soon...

Language, Landscape and the Sublime

I'm feeling really inspired after Language, Landscape and the Sublime symposium last week at Dartington Hall. What a beautiful setting to bring together artists, ecologists, academics and practitioners. Thanks artdotearth!


Margery Kemp

Margery Kemp's (1373-1438) story found on top of a cupboard in the 1930s. Bride of Jesus, acclaimed mystic, a pilgrim to Jerusalem and Rome - navigating through medieval europe poor and alone - and then threatened with prosecution of Witch-craft.

Listen on Radio 4:

My skin, it keeps me in

The waves of sound come from all around - And yet this skin it keeps me in
Must one speak to be heard? Must one move to be seen?
My BodyVoice an echoing word - Writing the story of where I've been

The body wants to speak

The body wants to speak - the body wants to speak it’s mind - it wants to speak it’s experiences and emotions - that can happen though movement - it can happen through sound - it can happen through words - to give the body it’s voice is to allow it to be heard and seen - to allow it to have it’s own authority and authentic being - bodyvoice is the wisdom that exists within us
— Sara Carter

Give your body a voice

Reaching inside - deep inside - a hand going into your mouth and down to your stomache, pulling things from the inside outside
— Bethan Dear


A wonderful few days with theatre director Bethan Dear starting my new project BodyVoice and connecting to the Yorkshire landscape. Videos coming soon!

The Edges of Time - The Romans Write the Line

The Roman invasion of Britain - most of the records of Celtic civilisation we have come from the people who decimated their communities and culture. But our understanding doesn't have to rely history penned in blood. We can find our own stories in myth, in legend and in the land itself.

There are no facts in history. There are just stories. Words are the building blocks of consciousness as atoms are the building blocks of matter. Story responsibly.

Dancing in the Dark - Dancing in the Tide

Last August I had the pleasure of shooting an impromptu video with movement artist Lotan Sapir and composer Renu. Traipsing off to the lakes of Woltersdorf with these two talented artists is a fond memory of collaboration, exchange and magic. One of several videos I am making with Renu for her new album to be released in 2017.

I am also glad that I managed to not fall into the lake with my camera - which came close several times when shooting while wading into the lake.

Salt & Silt

You, the rocky black hacked cliff,
The precipice on the horizon,
The edge between two worlds,
Hard and brutal you hold the earth from the sky,
Without erring, without question.

I, the tumultuous sea,
Brought to you in a great storm
Of froth and thrashing,
I hurl myself at your unforgiving face,
Dash myself relentlessly against you,
Till you are sodden,
Till your ancient body is forced to hold
my weight of a million thousand tears
cried, drunk, pissed and rained
by a million thousand people.

My soul is strapped mercilessly to you,
I choke and wheeze against my own onslaught,
Dreaming of the day when the sun shines upon us.

Your facade once drowned now dried and porous,
Allowing the wind to gently caress us as you fall
dust by dust, into my deep belly,
To cradle you till the end of time.

Unlocking the Voice

Unlock the voice and what door opens?
To find ones voice. To stand up and be heard.
Or maybe just to be in tune with the world.
To be in harmony. To sing out your heart.
To cry out the pain. Let go of the hurt.
To hear oneself over or in, all or none.
To dance to what beat of who's drum?