Happy Ostara

As day becomes as long as night spring is finally here! And I am delving back into Maeve as I develop my short film idea.

This is a photo of a woodcut of Maeve made for me by Michael Quirke when visiting Sligo. Michael Quirke, who grew up a butcher's son was always expected to carry on the family business, but since childhood Michael has always made sculptures. He began selling his wood carvings amongst the sausages but today the old butchers shop is completely devoted to his art and workshop.

When visiting Michael in his shop he has an endless stream of stories and folklore to share. He made me this wood cut while I was chatting to him. It is of Maeve - she who intoxicates - a triple goddess, shown by the triple spiral of her breasts and womb also a symbol of fertility. The cauldron or cup or chalice a symbol of generosity containing the salmon of wisdom. On the back shows Maeve's symbols of Fair Horn the Bull and the Moon with the Irish Hare. Made from Sligo Sycamore.

I hope I get to visit Michael again, I would love to commission a larger work from him, his carvings are incredible.