Salt & Silt

You, the rocky black hacked cliff,
The precipice on the horizon,
The edge between two worlds,
Hard and brutal you hold the earth from the sky,
Without erring, without question.

I, the tumultuous sea,
Brought to you in a great storm
Of froth and thrashing,
I hurl myself at your unforgiving face,
Dash myself relentlessly against you,
Till you are sodden,
Till your ancient body is forced to hold
my weight of a million thousand tears
cried, drunk, pissed and rained
by a million thousand people.

My soul is strapped mercilessly to you,
I choke and wheeze against my own onslaught,
Dreaming of the day when the sun shines upon us.

Your facade once drowned now dried and porous,
Allowing the wind to gently caress us as you fall
dust by dust, into my deep belly,
To cradle you till the end of time.