Does this mean I'm getting old?

I just wrote my first complaint email!

Dear Robert,

As an artist with particular interest in folklore and currently working on a project surrounding the witch-trials I was very excited when hearing about the upcoming release of The Witch. However, after recently watching your film I felt compelled to write to you of my horror and disgust at your portrayal of a time which condemned women and out-casts of society to horrific torture and death. It deeply disturbs me your portrayal of female sexuality as dangerous and immoral which echoes the hideous attitudes which I wish had been left to the sadistic rapists and murderers of medieval times. It unfortunately is still an attitude that women across the world face and your film appears only to perpetuate this barbaric and damaging archetype. I take particular offence to your ending statement that this film is based on “accounts of historical witchcraft, including journals, diaries and court records” without mention that many of these accounts where given under unimaginable torture. This in my eyes is the same as creating a film about Jews based on Nazi propaganda.

Perhaps there is a message in your film I am missing. I agree that often the accusations of witch-craft could come from women as much as men, but your portrayal of dangerous women and blameless men truly disturbs me. As artists and storytellers we are responsible for the symbology and messages we give to the world and I find yours at best ignorant at worst truly evil and sadistic.

I hope you find this message in good faith, I do not deny your talent as a film-maker, only your motivations for being so

In truth,
Rosie Jones