Filming with Alon

It was great filming with Alon Malka last night. His dedication, passion and sincerity are an inspiration. Videos and performances coming soon!

Weald & Downland - Historic Courses and Training

Become a Tudor house wife, a medieval peasant, learn to make a cross bow or how to heal with herbs.

It's great to find out about Weald & Downland Open Air Museum and all their fantastic courses on offer including historic craft & culture, food, herbs and restoration.

Back to Black

Can't remember the last time I picked up a pencil. Good to know it's still there in time of need.

Lamb of Choice

For we never know if fate or choice truly exist, if our lives are pre-detemined, our actions written in the stars, if we are free-thinking beings, or just mechanical repercussions of cause and effect.

We never know.

To live true to my heart is all I ask.
My heart is my choice.
My choice is my life.

Small is Beautiful

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed
— Gandhi
At present, there can be little doubt that the whole of mankind is in mortal danger, not because we are short of scientific and technological know-how, but because we tend to use it destructively, without wisdom. More education can help us only if it produces more wisdom.
— E.F Schumacher

The importance of symbols

"Symbol systems cannot simply be rejected, they must be replaced. Where there is no replacement, the mind will revert to familiar structures at times of crisis, bafflement, or defeat." -  Carol Christ

We need more strong female roles in movies; portraying women throughout history as important people who shape the world. It is vital that we consciously create symbols and archetypes of femininity with power and influence.

More stuff like the Channel 4's The Devil's Whore please!

The Language of Landscapes

Landscapes. Manifested and manifesting. A map of time condensed into space. Our relationship intricate and interwoven. Our inner landscapes echoes of that in which we live.

Just booked onto Language, Landscape & the Sublime a two-day symposium bringing together artists and thinker from a range of disciplines to explore our relationship to landscape. Contributors include Louise Ann Wilson talking about creating her walking-performance Warnscale about In/Fertility and Childlessness.

end of line stops
regret...looking back...missed opportunities
hysterectomy...sudden decision...remove possibility
Dorothy Wordsworth...writing...many generations
many grandmothers...trees dying out this quiet
a grotto...calm...settled
feeling better...hope for future...whatever it is
different self
land returning
puddle...frogs eggs...huge compared to human eggs
— Louise Ann Wilson - Extract of words distilled from 'mapping walks'

Back to my roots

In Shropshire today with my mum developing our project archives to art - creating a video interpretation of our family history. My mum has traced the family back to the 16th century where they lived in Shropshire up until the early 20th century, working as farm labourers, stone-masons and weavers. The landscape is beautiful but remote and their stories full of sadness and hardship.

My mum standing in the graveyard where several of my relatives are buried looking across the field to where my great great granddad lived.

My mum standing in the graveyard where several of my relatives are buried looking across the field to where my great great granddad lived.

Click here to read my mum's blog where you can follow her research and thoughts on the project.

Know Thy Self

the way one lives, the gestures one accumulates, the way one moves through life, is perhaps a slow-motion of how one dies ones death
— Barbara Pecarich

Documentaries exploring female spirituality, paganism and the witch trials made by Donna Read. Watch full documentaries below:

Reclaim the Witch

"to reclaim the word Witch is to reclaim our right, as women, to be powerful; as men, to know the feminine within as divine. To be a Witch is to identify with nine million victims of bigotry and hatred and to take responsibility for shaping a world in which prejudice claims no more victims" Starhawk

Awaken the Goddess

Researching into matriarchy and goddess worship. Received this book in the post today, which was recommended to me by several witches. Only read the intro so far but already totally engaged.

Finding it hard to find much in the way of matriarchal societies / goddess worship in movies which doesn't involve sexualised women from the Amazon. But I enjoyed watching The Mists of Avalon last night with it's take on The Arthurian Legends and goddess worship.

Terence the Dinosaur

This is Terence made by Rosie & Dean. He likes martial arts and fish finger sandwiches. He gets picked on by the other dinosaurs because his jaw is made out of a sheep's jaw I found in cornwall and because his wings make him look more like a dragon.

Happy Ostara

As day becomes as long as night spring is finally here! And I am delving back into Maeve as I develop my short film idea.

This is a photo of a woodcut of Maeve made for me by Michael Quirke when visiting Sligo. Michael Quirke, who grew up a butcher's son was always expected to carry on the family business, but since childhood Michael has always made sculptures. He began selling his wood carvings amongst the sausages but today the old butchers shop is completely devoted to his art and workshop.

When visiting Michael in his shop he has an endless stream of stories and folklore to share. He made me this wood cut while I was chatting to him. It is of Maeve - she who intoxicates - a triple goddess, shown by the triple spiral of her breasts and womb also a symbol of fertility. The cauldron or cup or chalice a symbol of generosity containing the salmon of wisdom. On the back shows Maeve's symbols of Fair Horn the Bull and the Moon with the Irish Hare. Made from Sligo Sycamore.

I hope I get to visit Michael again, I would love to commission a larger work from him, his carvings are incredible.

The 17th century popstar

The Castrati - male singers castrated in the early stages of puberty - were the heart throbs of their time (16th-18th century). Although we cannot hear the voice of a castrato today the film FARINELLI gives us an idea of what they may have sounded like by digitally merging the vocals of soprano Ewa Malas-Godlewska and countertenor Derek Lee Ragin.

Broadside Ballads

It was great to talk to Michael Deason-Barrow about 17th century music, and he led me to the Broadside Ballads - the way the news was spread around the country through song. What a fantastic way in for developing a 17th century musical.

Currently looking up Lucy Skeaping and The City Waites:

I need to save some pennies for this:

Cookery Tips

Tip 1: When cooking up political odes do not microwave the hollandaise sauce

Witch-Hunt - a musical immersive experience


Starting to develop my new project Witch-Hunt. I am really excited about this project. Learning about what happened during the 17th century witch-trials has been truly shocking. Although I had been aware that this happened I was not aware of how wide spread it was and the sheer brutality of what happened. It was truly a holocaust of women and unwanted people from society. I want to find the stories that where written out of history about the people who do not even have a stone to mark where they lay their heads.

I love the aesthetic I am developing  with Robin Harvey - it is a new direction to our other work and it is really in-line with where I want to go.

Watch the trailer here:

Watch the trailer here: