We are remaking the past in each version of our telling ... there is a lattice ... there is a complex interweaving between a continuous thread which is handed down and a bright weave in the perpendicular direction which is our retelling in the context of where we are now
— Lori Diggle
Rosie May Jones Waterlily Weaving

Tradition, folklore and craft play a big part in my life. I am trained in Tapestry Weaving (William Jefferies, Morley College) and Storytelling (Shonaleigh, Emerson College). Traditional arts and practises give us a structure to build upon, they are integrated into our culture and being. They give us a connection to the land, our histories and ourselves. They give us processes to understand, digest and redefine ourselves and our surroundings. When working on a project, such as weaving, the stories you bring to the piece each time you work on it are encoded inside, this can be a conscious or a subsidiary process, however I believe it is integral to the texture and depth of creation.