The mist of Fae descends to lift the veil - a mythic exploration of desire and power.

First commissioned as part of Jackdaw's - Tell Tales 2015 at RichMix "Veil of Mab" started life as a short play which transports the audience into
a world of folklore, poetry and magic - a world of Celtic tales and Elizabethan verse.

I am currently continuing to research and develop my ideas around Queen Mab and her celtic origin of Maeve. Through her story we see the story of female power throughout time: Beginning in ancient times as an Earth Goddess, to the Celtic tribes where she becomes a feared Warrior Queen who is then vilified by the Christian Era, to Elizabethan time where she exists merely in dreams. Who is Maeve now?

Her name meaning 'She who intoxicates' raises questions about our current relationship to this important Archetype and the problems we face with drinking and drug culture in our society.